Teacher Training in Navajo Nation

I'm going to the Navajo Nation! This is why I love having my own online tutoring business which gives me the freedom to travel the world. I'd never heard of the Navajo Nation until about a year ago but next month I'll be jetting off to the USA to spend a month in Arizona doing voluntary work with the Navajo people.

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Get Students with The Tutor Pages

Do you tutor online or face to face and need more students? Do you want to start tutoring but don't know how to get your first student? If you answered yes to either of those questions and are based in the UK, I want to show you how I get students with The Tutor Pages and sell thousands of pounds worth of online lessons to students from around the world. 

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How To Teach IELTS With Off2Class

In the past I've often struggled to find decent online materials for IELTS so when I found Off2Class and saw that it had a stack of IELTS exam preparation lessons ready to go, I thought it sounded good. So I tested it out and it's definitely the way forward. That's why I want to share with you my experience of Off2Class and specifically how I use it to teach my IELTS students. P.S. This is a massive timesaver.

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SEO for Online Tutoring Sites Part 1

People often ask me, "How do you get students for your online tutoring business?" My first answer is normally Through my website. But having you own website is only part of the answer. Getting potential students to actually find your site requires doing some search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Read on to find out how to massively improve your site's performance and attract more online students with some SEO basics. Do this right and you'll be head and shoulders above the majority of other tutoring websites out there. 

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Why Teach Online?

So you want to teach online? Great! Why? Seriously, why do you want to teach online? There are loads of benefits of teaching this way but it's important you know the answer to this question before you continue. Having a clear idea of YOUR why at the forefront of your mind is key to starting and building a successful online tutoring business.

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"Great in-depth tutorial of BitPaper. I've been using BitPaper for over a year and still learned new insights, tips and techniques."  Paul | Chemistry Tutor


BitPaper is the best collaborative whiteboard for online tutors.

Learn how to use this fantastic tool to deliver online lessons your students will love!