BitPaper Review

It’s time for a new BitPaper review. Why? Because BitPaper just updated its collaborative online whiteboard and have launched a shiny new website. Let’s see if it’s still as good as when I first reviewed it over a year ago. 


First up, the website looks great and clearly explains how BitPaper works but have they fixed the 3 minor issues that stopped me just short of giving it 10 out of 10 in my previous review of BitPaper?

1. Last time there wasn’t a tool to select and move/delete/resize images that were added to a paper. Now there is. Not only can I manipulate my pictures now, I can also do the same with text and drawings. Good start team BitPaper.

Select tool for BitPaper

2. In the past, papers didn’t save automatically so unless you saved them manually, they’d disappear. Not cool. Now they autosave, which is much better and one less thing to think about.

Autosaving in BitPaper

3. The only other small gripe I had was that I couldn’t minimise the video window during a BitPaper call so my student’s talking head would get in the way of my paper during the lesson. I’m pleased to see that I can now choose between a hidden window, a small window in the top left-hand corner and even a full screen ‘theatre mode’.

So that’s 3 out of 3 for improvements to BitPaper and that’s what I love about this online whiteboard. The team behind BitPaper listen to feedback from their users and then go and make their app even better.

What else is new?

Aside from the new select tool, autosaving feature and improved video window layout, there’s a game changing upgrade that I’m especially excited about…

Screen sharing.

I use screen sharing in every one of my online tutoring lessons. Being able to quickly show a website or video or something other than a picture or text on my computer makes my online lessons so much more interesting and useful for my students. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve used Zoom rather than Skype to call students, because their excellent screen sharing function gives me complete control of the lesson and opens up a world of exciting online lesson content. Now that BitPaper have added screen sharing to their integrated video calling feature, you can do everything in one place. That means no more jumping between your video call app (like Zoom or Skype) and your lesson materials on BitPaper. Online tutoring just got even easier for you and your students!

To start sharing your screen, simply click the phone icon in the bottom left hand corner to start a voice or video call, then click the screen share button and select ‘share’.

Screen sharing with BitPaper

Stay organised with BitPaper Tags

Over the past 7 years of tutoring online, I’ve taught thousands of online lessons, which means a ton of online lesson materials. Thankfully from day one I decided to stay organised and created online folders within my Google Drive for each of my students. That means I can keep t